Breaking In

Horse Breaking-in usually takes 4-6 weeks to complete depending on the amount of handling your horse has had before coming to Moemoea Park. It is crucial we get it right and cater for each individual personality.

One thing we strongly believe is that dietary requirements are very important while we are breaking in. We feed top quality balanced diets high in  grains so  they can cope with their increased work loads.

“Jim & Dan Cherry”

Breaker page 2 At the completion of their education your horse will


  • Tie up in a box or tie up stall
  • Rugged and groomed and general stable basics
  • Be confident while handled
  • Have feet trimmed and or shod
  • Ridden under saddle
  • Work in company and alone
  • Introduced to a racetrack
  • Familiarised with starting stalls

Options include spelling when available and refreshing and furthering education to whatever stage you require.